Writing Advices As Hobby That Changes Everyone Lives

It’s all begin when I watching a Japanese movie titled “Miracles of Namiya Store.” It centered at an old store owner who spends his time writing letters that he reply all people’s letters that send to him with valuable advices.

Sadly the old man is suffered pancreatic cancer and will lived three months only.

Inspired by this, I had thinking that giving people advices is okay. But need give them useful and meaningful advices and let them decide them.

We can changing their fates but is up to God who can change their fates.

Religion vs Science vs Superstition: My Opinion Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

During this coronavirus epidemic, there was people believed in three things about why and solution of this: religion, science and superstition.

I was supported religion and partly believe in science. But my belief on superstition is thinner like paper.

I had experience with my surroundings during the first days of epidemic, I saw some idiots sprinkled flour around there house after a false prophet was told by his/her ‘grandpa’s spirit’ (actually demon in disguise send by Satan to confuse these fools) that the flour bogus effect is to ‘deter’ coronavirus. But instead, I saw my cats kill cockroaches that feasted on the flour and I laughed so damn loud on this which shaking entire longhouse which I say “that’s not coronaviruses dying by flour but cockroaches killed by cats. What a moron way! Satan had deceived you!” Hearing that, my neighbors and my family are feel ashamed on what I say and insults me at my back by calling me crazy.

I am crazy because my Faith teach me so. But they more crazier than me.

Remember at the Desert Father when he face similar people like I had face by calling him crazy.

Crazy people knows more than non crazy people because the non crazy people are sheeple and Satan easily toying them.

Rosetta de la Noircoeur (the birth)

Its all begin on year 2016. I at that time return to my literature work where I start to begin my first Incarnation series.

When came across at a protagonist, I choose a female lead protagonist. Her name is Rosetta de la Noircoeur. A French aristocrat who lived during the French Revolution and then the First French Empire.

An orphan, she abandones her wealth and her title as Baroness right after the Revolution starts. She was completely homeless after her mansion raided by rebels (sans cullotes) which will endangers her life.

In updated version of this character (created at year 2019), she was accompanied with new male lead, Arnaud Blanc. Arnaud was Rosetta’s childhood friend and then lover. Both of them became homeless and they recruit three other orphans Christophe and the brothers, Jean and Jenssen.

When Napoleon Bonaparte murdered Arnaud after an argument, Rosetta and three others are sworn to revenge to avenging Arnaud’s death. Rosetta joins the French Army as medic in order to get closer to Napoleon then aide de camp as bribe from Napoleon himself.

This plan works well but during French Invasion against Russia, Rosetta lost in action after captured by Russians and imprisoned there. There, she exposed the plan to assassinate Napoleon to Russian Tsar Alexander I. The Tsar allows her to stay at his empire. Rosetta slowly assumed new character of herself when stay there.

After the Napleonic Wars, Rosetta also witnessed Greek War of Independence by practicing as instructor for Greek side.

After long years in military careers, Rosetta retired. She gives up her property and reunited with her friends for last time before they parted taking their own to start their own new lives.

She is was the fourth incarnation of Josefina Sanchez.

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, many people across world are in panic. Many thinks their days is near, some became paranoid and some keep making some wild conspiracy theories on this epidemic.

Meanwhile, I only keep making my own works at house as usual. Drawing, doodling, writing novels and short stories, playing games, reading and have spend my time with my pets.

At Malaysia alone, its government had executed Movement Control Order three times. But unfortunately, still some covidiots going around at outside by disobeying the government’s order and authorities had take action on this to make sure to follow the MCO.

At the end, I wish you that you are fine, stay calm, don’t panic and just stay at fucking home.

#staysafe #stayhome

You’re not aware which era you lived now

Most people doesn’t aware which era they actually lived now. This is Cold War II era. Welcome.

This era almost similar witwith previous one but this time US and its allies are against Russia and its allies with Third World countries. CWII had huge impact on everything including military, politics, culture, propaganda, economy and even science and technology.

As we know, the tech war is highly debatable. Because this era, is the tech era, which West and East were competed each other to proved who is better. For example, China. China recently had many social media and electronic giants like WeChat, Sina Weibo, China Mobile etc which became ‘threat’ to Western based social media and electronic giants. Today Russia also had similar companies, both social media and electronic, for example its social medias like VKontakte, Yandex… and others (some unknown to me) which also became ‘threat’ to Western ones too.

On military, each countries also competed create best weapons which attract more countries to buy arms but Second and Third World countries all chosed the Russian made weapons because its well function, better accuracy and better quality. But this make Westerns lost more buyers which led them spend over millions to create better weapons.

And we also look at economy. Due the sanctions create by US against Russia, Russia is seen endured this and see this that West (some Western companies which had partnered with Russian companies) destroying itself by sanctions. As Western went collapsed this time, Eastern countries now rising into economy giants which will surpassed Western ones for better future of said countries.


Never ending Schism

Schism erupted as an activist of Sarawak freedom based group gone critical as another one appeared which succeeded this activist’s place as new leader of her separate group which in turn became Separatist.

As these people wait a chance to attack the now power hungry, Hitler like activist leader Mr B who recently attack these activists’ race… Including their friends mostly mixed race borns were got insulted as well by Mr B.

Due of this, more NGOs attack Mr B mercilessly after Mr B use threat to kill a guy using pellets (leka 9) in his racist post few days ago.

I sitting while read this after N tell me via phonecall from Belarus about this, I sure this is unacceptable and unsocialist way because that is racist, fascist to free Sarawak by insulting someone race.

From here, stop be a Hitler. Or Sarawak will be fall.

My love of screw people up

I likely loves screw people around like a professional antic master. But, my antics always failed but sometimes my antics successfully screw that people up.

Here’s my story.

I love pull antic on my best friend, N. N is a fool, he is our group’s jester. He loves pull antic on anyone except me. He fear on me, even saw at me… He looked down.

One day, after I faking my death, I always pull antics on him until he fever. He also scared at ghosts, even he saw them (he claims) he will pee in his pants. He screaming at his Facebook everytime I perform my antic on him.

Until now, I still pulls antic on him.